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Rose – The Queen of English Flowers

  The English culture is deeply entwined with rose. Our closeness to this exquisitely fragranced and beautiful plant runs deep. The rose in the language of flowers represents love and passion and reflects pale English beauty. In England we call a pale English white skin an “English Rose complexion” In mythology Aphrodite caused roses to be red by scratching herself on rose thorns while rushing to the side of mortally wounded Adonis. Her blood stained the white blooms it fell on, and so red roses ever more have remained a lover’s token. Romans worshipped the flowers, used rose wreaths to...

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The Secret to Sleeping Soundly

Keep a bottle of Lavender Essential Oil at your bedside and add a couple of drops to the front of your nightwear both when you go to bed and when you wake up. The heat of your chest is ideal to disperse the oil so that you can breathe it in. If you find the effect wears off try Roman Chamomile for two weeks then go back to Lavender. Keep alternating so that your body does not become used to either. For poor quality sleep use Clary Sage.

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