Aromatime Course Handbook

Professional Diploma in Aromatherapy 

London and Beijing

Course Information

Beijing School head office address
Aromatime Training School (Asia)
Fangxiangjiari Chaoyangqu
Baiziwan Road 32 3-A-609 
Beijing 100022 China  

Training can be provided in other locations subject to numbers

London School address
Courses take place in different locations (anywhere in the UK)  including business premises such as salons and saps depending on requirements
UK Administration Centre 
Aromatime Training Centre
Foxmeadow House
Suffolk   IP12 4NY
Please contact us at

Education and training services from the Aromatime Aromatherapy Training Centre  

We are delighted that you are considering joining us  as a student and we would like to share with you some information to enable you to make the most of your study and enjoy your time with us.

Vision and Mission

Aromatime is a leading training provider accredited by the IFPA and the IFA (FHT pending). It is one of the first training schools accredited in China and leads the way in delivering aromatherapy training to the very highest professional standards.

Julie Foster BA(Hons) 

Julie Foster is a member of the following organisations and a Principal tutor for IFPA

Aiming for Excellence

Aromatime Aromatherapy Training Centre  aspires to be a Learning Organization providing vocational qualifications and training opportunities of the highest standard. 

The Aromatime Aromatherapy Training Centre  is committed to providing: 

  • At the AROMATIME AROMATHERAPY TRAINING CENTRE we aim to provide an appropriate and supportive learning environment for all our students.  

  • Effective, suitably qualified and experienced lecturers and support staff led personally by Mrs Julie Foster who has over 25 years’ experience in the industry and as a teacher.
  • Comprehensive course materials – avoiding the need for additional text book purchase
  • Flexible and accessible advice and help to support your learning and personal development. 
  • Recognition of previous experience and learning wherever appropriate. 
  • Opportunities to comment on the courses and other facilities through our feedback and evaluation system.
  • Nationally recognized qualifications on vocational courses.
  • Assessed and marked work returned within a time frame negotiated personally with you and to suit your needs wherever possible.

  • Suitable and appropriate career advice where appropriate. 

    Teaching, Learning and Guidance 

    • Your lecturer will clearly communicate the coursework requirements. 
    • Your tutor will hand over contact details to support your learning and personal development and to assist you with any concerns. 
    • You can expect that the qualification for which you are studying will be recognized internationally and that the assessment requirements are appropriate to that qualification.  
    • Academic and awarding body appeals procedures are available from your personal tutor.

    Record keeping 

    • The AROMATIME AROMATHERAPY TRAINING CENTRE  complies with the Data Protection Act and the provisions of that legislation in relation to all student data held under the Data Protection Act 1998. 
    • Be obtained and managed fairly and 
    • Be obtained for a specified and lawful purpose and shall not be used in any manner incompatible with that purpose 
    • Be adequate, relevant and not excessive for those purposes 
    • Be accurate and kept up to date 
    • Not be kept for longer than is necessary for that purpose 
    • Be kept safe from unauthorized access, accidental loss or destruction  


    • The AROMATIME AROMATHERAPY TRAINING CENTRE  is committed to providing high quality services and continuous improvement. Comments, concerns, complaints and compliments are an important source of information to enable us to improve our service to you.
    • The AROMATIME AROMATHERAPY TRAINING CENTRE  has a Complaints and evaluation Procedure and will inform you what to do if you wish to make a complaint. The procedure is available from the Aromatime office.  
    • Please raise any concern with staff at the time to allow them the opportunity of responding immediately for your satisfaction. If they are unable to assist immediately they will direct your complaint to the formal system.  

    Failure to fulfill the course by either party 

    • If services cannot be provided by the AROMATIME AROMATHERAPY TRAINING CENTRE , the AROMATIME AROMATHERAPY TRAINING CENTRE  accepts responsibility. The maximum liability is limited to the refund of any fees or charges already paid.
    • If the student cannot take up their place or absents themselves from activities for whatever reason then at the discretion of the AROMATIME AROMATHERAPY TRAINING CENTRE  directors fees may be refunded or an alternative course date offered.  


    Julie Foster our Principal

    Julie is an experienced trainer qualified at post graduate level

    She has been teaching, presenting and writing in the holistic and business field at international level for over twenty years

    She  has extensive knowledge and experience of aromatherapy at international level which she communicates in a way that is easy to understand.

    She has an enthusiastic, professional and entertaining style and believes wholeheartedly that training should be an enjoyable and rewarding experience

    She takes a personal individual approach and is committed to helping you achieve your goals. 

    Contact Julie Foster

    Yuxian Yao our CEO  

    Yao Yuxian studied for his first degree in medical science at TSINGHUA UNIVERSITY (Medical Faculty) Beijing, China and did his Master’s degree in medical diagnostics and research at the  UNIVERSITY OF EDINBURGH in Scotland. After leaving University he started his career in Newcastle in business and medical research. As the only child and only remaining  family member  he returned to China soon after to support his mother who had become ill .  During this traumatic period his interest and respect for holistic medicine of the West (primarily Aromatherapy) developed and was a great help to his mother before sadly he lost her. It also helped him come to terms with the overwhelming tragedy. Yao states “My mother is  (and continues to be) the inspiration for my thirst for knowledge and interest in aromatherapy. Yao decided to stay in China after his mother’s death and utilise his knowledge of England and Aromatherapy and started a business importing British aromatherapy and skin care products. As the business grew the Aromatherapy customers  in particular grew very keen for knowledge. On a visits to England in 2009 and 2010 Mr Yao enjoyed some aromatherapy CPD courses with Mrs Foster.  Together they decided to set up a training school in China.  A training school must have accreditation but after researching all the different bodies they decided on IFPA and the IFA  which represent the highest English standards. IFPA has been selected as the lead body because of its’s commercial prominence in the Uk and the employability of IFPA accredited therapists.

    Wen Wen our office manager and student co-ordinator in Beijing

    Wen Wen is our hard working and ever friendly office manager and student 
    coordinator. Whatever query you have Wen Wen will be delighted to help or put you in touch with the right person should she not be able to answer.

    Wen Wen has been an aromatherapy enthusiast for five years and in her spare time is a highly qualified musician and music teacher.

    Study Content

    There are five major areas of study (modules) 

    They include

    1) Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology relating to the human body and its healthy and unwell state

    2) Aromatherapy to include detailed information about understanding and practicing all aspects of this discipline This module includes intense  practical in house training 

    3) Massage to include detailed information about understanding and practicing all aspects of this discipline This module includes intense  practical in house training

    4) Professional Practice relating to the professional delivery of  aromatherapy practice

    5) Business Studies  with the objective of ensuring all students are fully aware and knowledgeable of all aspects of setting up an 

    Aromatherapy Business

    In addition to the study modules students will be expected to complete a portfolio of work containing the following documents and reports which will form a critical part of the assessment.  

    1. Aromatherapy Project
    2. Case studies
    3. Business studies project

    Aromatherapy Project

    The purpose of the aromatherapy project is to allow the practioners to demonstrate  an in-depth understanding opf professional aromatherapy practice and the study of essential olils.


    Students are expected to produce case studies as evidence of the student’s ability to assess the client’s needs, plan individual and a program of treatments, select  appropriate blends of essential oils and carriers to use, deliver  the treatment, offer appropriate aftercare advice, and reflect on their learning. 6 clients (case studies) 6 treatments for each are required


    The business studies project is to assess the practitioners understanding and practical knowledge relating to how to start up and manage a complementary therapy business.

    Prior accreditation for Anatomy and Physiology

    Under some specific circumstances module 1 can be subject to prior accreditation. If a potential student would like to be considered for prior learning accredited thus avoiding the need to study the Anatomy and physiology module then a written application with the reasons why must be sent to Aromatime School 3 months minimum prior to taking up a place. Copies of relevant certificates must also be sent to the Principal Julie Foster for consideration


    Examinations take place at six month intervals and students can apply to take the exams and will be authorised at the discretion of  the Principal.  All exam results are professionally verified by the IFPA educational team.


    Awarding Body: International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists
    Award: Professional Diploma in Aromatherapy
    Level: Level 4

    Length of Course:                            Minimum period: 6 months 
    Maximum period:                             24 months 

    Student entry requirements:            Be over 18 years old at start of training.
                                                               Have a stature and fitness to fulfil practical massage requirements.
                                                               Have appropriate educational qualifications to equip them to complete the study at level 4


    Assessment of Diploma course 

    Examination under professional exam conditions.  portfolio (made up of coursework, notes, etc), business project, clinical case studies


    Aromatherapy Theory examination: 2 hours

    Practical examination: 1 hour

    Anatomy and Physiology Theory Examination 1.5 hours

    Exam location

    Examinations take place at the accredited centre’s training venue unless otherwise agreed. 

    Pass marks


    65% (pass), 80% (merit), 90% distinction


    70% (pass), 80% (merit), 90% distinction


    If a candidate is unsuccessful in passing all or parts of the examinations, the candidate will be able to resit the section(s), giving enough time between each examination for further study. 

    About IFPA our lead accrediting body  

    The International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists is the largest professional aromatherapy practitioner organisation in the UK and has a strong International following worldwide including China nd Japan.  

    IFPA represents the UK and International quality standard for Aromatherapy practice at the highest level. There are more IFPA accredited aromatherapy practitioners working in the Uk than any other organisation. This is testament to the training quality and the fact that the training and IFPA as an organisation are the most highly regarded by employers