English Chamomile Collection for Sensitive Skin

 About the Aromatime English Chamomile Collection for sensitive skin.

Sensitive skin is delicate easily irritated skin which requires extra special care. The symptoms of sensitive skin can include blotchiness, broken capillaries, high colour and soreness.

Sensitive skin symptoms can be aggravated by weather changes, pollution, work or relationship stress, spicy foods, alcohol and chemicals.  Julie Foster has used her experience and knowledge to design this specialist sensitive skin care range to reinforce its natural defence system, improve texture and tone whilst stimulating repair. Only the purest high quality ingredients rich in botanical actives have been used to guarantee visible results.   You will see and feel noticeable benefits from the moment you start using this expert collection at home or in the salon.

About Julie Foster

As the UKs top Aromatherapist Julie Foster is regularly asked to treat clients with ultra-sensitive skin.  She has used her expertise to design an aroma skin care range which harnesses the gentle skin  healing power of aromatherapy to deliver a prescriptive range of products to soothe, calm and restore healthy and beautiful skin.
Personal message from Julie: As an Aromatherapist, Beautician and Teacher with over 20 years’ experience and a Principal tutor for the FHT and the IFA my life’s passion is to produce highly effective beauty products inspired buy the very best aromatherapy principals 
I am committed to using my expertise to deliver the best skin care and aroma health products for your benefit.  I use only the finest therapeutic grade botanical ingredients and all harmful chemicals are strictly excluded.

Who was the range developed for?

Whether you are a spa owner or an individual treating at home the range is designed to meet your need for therapeutic products at a fair price.

The chamomile collection will benefit all skin types however it is especially beneficial for those with ultra-sensitive skin prone to irritation and sensitisation.

Why chamomile as the central ingredient?
Chamomile is one of the most precious ingredients in English skin care and has been used for thousands of years.  Chamomile is known as the very best treatment for highly reactive sensitive skin which is easily irritated by harsh ingredients, the environment or stress. Chamomile is high in Flavonoids and azulene substances that are especially beneficial to skin.
Flavonoids are antioxidant rich, which helps to protect the skin from environmental stress. Flavonoids also have anti-allergic, anti-bacterial and  anti-viral properties.
Flavonoids contribute to strengthen blood vessels and stabilize elastin and collagen, two proteins that form part of the skin’s supporting network.  Azulene has been shown to exhibit dramatic anti-inflammatory effects and offers antioxidant protection. In practical terms this means that application of chamomile to the skin will soothe redness sensitivity and over reaction whilst helping to prevent blood vessels from breaking and help stop the deterioration of skin cells that leads to wrinkles, fine lines and pigmentation.
Chamomile is rich in other vitamins minerals and nutrients all of which have a very positive effect in terms of restoring health and normalising extra sensitive skin.

Benefits offered by the Aromatime English Chamomile Collection
  • Natural ultra clean formulations without chemicals to minimize the risk of irritation and sensitization
  • Rich in flavonoids & Azulene - nature's powerful skin soothing agents
  • Formulated to minimise redness for a healthier skin tone
  • Anti-ageing – the products are packed with ingredients rich in antioxidants to fight the signs of ageing and reduce the appearance of wrinkles
  • Cooling and calming to relieve  flare ups, flushing and allergic puffiness and blotching
  • Lighter and more luminous skin- the products contain therapeutic ingredients to treat the surface of the skin making it appear lighter with a more youthful and healthy luminosity 
  • Protection – The essential oils are blended with the finest botanical oils to benefit the skin offering protection against sensitizing agents and the negative internal impact of stress

The English Chamomile Treatment Ritual for sensitive skin involves deep cleansing (not sure if you are doing this) – the first step to a healthier complexion.

Soothing aloe vera mask to soothe redness and inflammation.
Toning – Chamomile toner to gently tone and restore the skin for a healthier calmer complexion and help reduce any unwanted pigmentation.

Daily Moisturize Soothe protect and nurture for a more beautiful complexion which is resistant to flare ups and irritation.

Intensive Night serum for a twice weekly boost to maintain a calm comfortable complexion and a healthy youthful appearance.